Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Spring Salon 2015

22 October to 8 November

Annual Exhibition by studio artists from Newcastle Community Arts Centre

The Newcastle Community Arts Centre studio artists are showcasing their individual styles and artistic adventures in this new show.  This exhibition marks the tenth anniversary of the annual event which has undergone a range of name changes along the way - Artists Annual Show, Members and Tenants Show, MATES and Spring Salon.

Each artist has a dedicated studio space in which to work.  I talked briefly to some about their studio and what being a part of the Newcastle Community Arts Centre means.

Andrew Finnie spoke of the necessity of having one home, one place to belong and make art, one place to meet with the other six painters in the Seven Painters Group. 

Malcolm Sands referred to himself as being “an artist who also has another job (teacher)”.  Having this dedicated space defines and constantly redefines his commitment to his art practice, dictating a professional art level of response.

Andrew and Malcolm collectively talked of the valuable interaction with other artists in the Arts Centre, sharing of ideas, gaining support and valuable critical analysis of their work.  
The shared studio time gives them opportunities for collaborative projects and to market their work collectively to the world.  Andrew has recently had a work acquired by Adamstown Arts (Adamstown Uniting Church Centre).  

Another of the Seven Painters, Jennifer Finnie has gained an opportunity to take part in an art project with Lake Macquarie Art Gallery. 

Pablo Tapia said… “Having this studio makes me feel more professional.  Being part of the Community Arts Centre says I am part of something bigger than myself, outside of myself – a community of artists.”
This year Pablo was a finalist in the Moran Portrait Prize, the Gosford Art Prize and the Kilgour Art Prize.

Jennifer O’Brien talked about… “Having my own professional studio space validates my art practice.  I am part of a community and I have a sense of belonging.” 
This year Jennifer was a finalist in the Iconic Art U Wear Competition in Sydney (as part of the Craft and Quilt Fair) and invited to be a guest artist for the Stitches and Craft Fair in Newcastle.

Laraine Palmer talked of her studio providing a quiet, private space to work without distractions, but not isolating due to the outside interactions and communication opportunities with all the tenants and community visitors.

Laraine continues to teach art to the general community.

The Arts Centre is the artistic home for the family of artists, their extended families, friends and workers at 246 Parry Street Hamilton East.  There is always someone to talk with and share ideas and experiences.  There are always interactions between the artists and the wider community through exhibitions, open days and weekly and monthly hands-on art classes and events.  It is a true community of professionals working at their own pursuits while at the same time contributing to increasing Newcastle’s reputation in the national and international creative arts market.

If you haven’t been to the Newcastle Community Arts Centre come along this Saturday 31st October from 10-4 to the ARTFEAST day with open studios, talks, entertainment, food, stalls and lots more activities for the whole family.

Chris Byrnes
NAS Committee

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