Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Opening night Friday 13th November at 6pm

In the Black

Dotei by Hide Koboyashi
Newcastle Art Space (NAS) gallery provides a venue for artists at any stage of their career to display their work to the wider community.  The gallery is managed by a team of volunteer workers.  Each year NAS holds two fund raiser exhibitions to support the gallery’s activities, including the annual Newcastle Emerging Artist Prize.  It is only through the generosity of such a collective community that the gallery continues.

Yellow Cactus by Christina Frogley
The most significant difference between NAS and other Newcastle galleries is the fact that the gallery does not take a commission from the artists for any sales they make during their exhibition.  This means if an art collector pays $250 for an artwork, the entire $250 goes directly back to the artist.  The annual fund raiser exhibitions are the only variation on this of course, with artists choosing to dedicate 50% or 100% of any sales back to NAS funding.
Pretty in Pink by Maggie Hall
The artists are familiar names on the art scene with some newcomers which is great to see. The price range for works in the current exhibition is $35 to $6,000 so there is a price point for everyone interested in adding to their collection, and an easy entry point for new collectors and even early Christmas shoppers looking for a unique gift.

Stormy Evening from The Hill by Kerrie Coles

The Last Stop by Peter Lankas

The exhibition opens Thursday 12th November and runs to 29th November with the official opening night this Friday 13th November at 6pm.  Dress in black.

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