Sunday, September 4, 2016

Q & A with Karen Tipper Winner Packer Prize Newcastle Emerging Artist Prize 2016

Winner Packer Prize 2016 - Karen Tipper

Morning Journey by Karen Tipper

What did winning a prize at NEAP mean to you?

This was the first time I’d entered an art competition so winning the Packers Prize will always be very special to me. I’m delighted that Greg chose ‘Morning Journey’ for the Packers Prize above all the other finalist entries – he said that when he looked at my painting it was ‘a place he wanted to be’.

What is the winning work about?

Every day Clyde, our cat, travels from the stool to the chairs to the ottoman following the morning journey of the warmth of the winter sunlight. It was a scene that drew little attention until the day I was beguiled by the light. An ordinary view had become extraordinary and my gosh, it was beautiful.

What medium, processes and techniques did you use?

‘Morning Journey’ is oil on canvas.

What is ahead in the next twelve months?

More painting! I’m working towards a group exhibition at Finite Gallery, Caves Beach from 2
nd December – 18th December (, and also my first solo exhibition in 2017.

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