Monday, November 14, 2016

Newcastle Art Space Gallery - Sweet Sixteen - an exhibition by NCAC Studio 20 artists

Gallery 1 & 2

Sweet Sixteen

Andrew Finnie, Jennifer Finnie, Malcolm Sands, Sarah Knights, Michael Bateman, Patricia Williamz

This exhibition marks the sixteenth year that artists from Studio 20 at Newcastle Community Arts Centre, have hung their work in Newcastle Art Space Gallery (and beyond).  This is the last time the work will be shown at this venue with the pending closure of the Centre.  While in itself a difficult time, what lies beyond could mark quite a change in art and for particular artists.  The Seven Painters’ (six showing) Tuesday night regular painting sessions and camaraderie has taken them into successful ventures in image-making. 

These shows are always filled with interesting works and the predominantly small panels reflect individual style, technique, colour palette and subject decisions. For Andrew Finnie, Jennifer Finnie and Michael Bateman their sense of belonging, and love of the city, appear to play the dominant role.  Within our everyday domain, lies such beauty and wonder just waiting to be captured. Their works have documented the changing face of inner city Newcastle across its history as well as the iconic harbour and beach scene.

Above Sample of works by Jennifer Finnie
Above Sample of works by Andrew Finnie
Above Sample of works by Michael Bateman

Malcolm Sands’ work transcends a particular place and resonates with memories of landscape that could be Australian or European.  This is their appeal: that they can sit within the local space and also further afield. We need to see more work by this artist in the community.
Above Sample of works by Malcolm Sands

Sarah Knights and Patricia Williamz look to the wider expanse of Australian landscape, documenting time spent travelling and ‘seeing’ the country.  The softer mark making of Sarah Knights’ work is perfectly balanced against the strong, rich coloured palette of Patricia Williamz in these images.  I see such joy of looking and translating colour and marks into image from both these artists.

Above Sample of works by Sarah Knights
Above Sample of works by Patricia Williamz

Just a wonderful exhibition as always from this dedicated group of painters.  However, I see possibilities here for further pushing of ideas and paint on the surface.  It will be interesting to see what happens when they find a new physical location in which to work.  Who knows? Perhaps working in a new physical location may influence their work in interesting directions, while the friendship and support they share will continue to encourage further artistic explorations.  Exciting times ahead.

Smaller works fit in smaller spaces.  Do you have space on a wall or in your home office?  Still some works for sale and the time is right to support these artists at this period of their art making pursuits.

The show continues until 27th November.

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