Saturday, November 5, 2016

The Newcastle Club Foundation Painting Prize 2016


Gallery 1 & 2

Judges always have a difficult task and most of the works in this selection could easily be a winner. Gillian Shaw with Ron Ramsey quipped before announcing the finalist names on Friday night that they had a get-a-way car parked outside and the engine was running.  I think I saw them this morning still circling Newcastle and heading NORTH, FAR NORTH.

Seeking a prize purse of $10,000 the finalists are:

Andrew Finnie, James Drinkwater, Grant Vercoe, Lottie Consalvo, Dallas Bray, Andy Devine & Peter Tilley, Nicola Bolton, John Earle, John Morris, Kerrie Coles and Leslie Tilley.

The winner of the prize will be announced at a later private event arranged by the Newcastle Club.

The remaining works now form part of the Newcastle Club Foundation Painting Prize’s first Salon de Refuse (well sort of as they were winners being selected for the first round) at NAS and are all for sale and today is your last chance. 
Why not be smart, hedge your bets and potentially purchase work from the next winner of a significant art prize. This then would increase the value further of your current purchase as well as giving you the day-to-day pleasure and joy of having a wonderful work in your home or office space. It would also provide funds for the artist to continue to make the next work.

The artists in the Salon de Refuse are Leslie Duffin, Dino Consalvo, Jennifer Finnie, Patricia Williamz, Elisabeth Lawrence, Vanessa Turton, Dorothy Compton, Libby Cusick, Ruth Chapman, Bronwyn Greive, Bev Leggett Simmons, Varelle Hardy, Rudy Mulder, John Wilks, Gina Ermer, Belinda Street, Peter Gallagher, Joseph Belford, Michael Bateman, Jordan Fardell, Stephen Bennett, Andrew Dennis, Paul Maher, Gwendolin Lewis, Geoffrey Breen, Kay McFarlane Smith, Bev Leggett Simmons, Madeleine Cruise, Ros Elkin, Catherine Kavanagh Di Gravio, Jim Woodbury and Ileana Clarke.
Also consider purchasing the new NCAC publication edited by Andrew Finnie with photography by Joerg Lehmann Artists and Artisans with funds going back to support the NCAC with its future relocation.

See the exhibition today and make your own choices about the winners.  If you had the judge's role who would you pick?

What is next at NAS

The Seven Painters “Sweet Sixteen” Exhibition

Opening night Friday 11th November

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