Saturday, December 9, 2017

Drawn Upstairs #7 and Naked Truth - Life Drawing Investigations

7th to 17th December

 Drawings referencing the human figure can be traced back to prehistoric times and sketching from life became an established art education practice in the 13th century.   The Carracci, who opened their Accademia degli Incamminati in Bologna in the 1580s, set the pattern for later art schools by making life drawing the central discipline. The course of training began with the copying of engravings, then proceeded to drawing from plaster casts, after which the students were trained in drawing from the live model. It is interesting to learn that women were generally not admitted to figure drawing classes before the late 19th century.[1]

In contemporary art, drawing remains a respected and a set requirement within formal art training.   Artists are investigating drawing practice through such methods as animation in the style of William Kentridge, while others are drawing within a three-dimensional room space replacing ink, crayons with metallic objects, sticks and shadows to mark out human movement on a new surface.  Regardless of where drawing is taking artists, the foundations remain the same.  Learning how to read and ‘see’ the figure through countless hours of observational drawing still sits at the edge of understanding this craft.  While the beginning may result in rendering a realistic image of human form, pushing outside of ‘accepted’ parameters and boundaries provides a place for individual, interpretive, expressive ways of seeing and depicting the human figure with the only restrictions those set by the individual artist.

At Newcastle Art Space the discipline and experimentation of life drawing continues.  On display are works from the Thursday morning life drawing group and the Thursday night drawing class tutored by Peter Lankas.   Their annual exhibition showcasing the results of their individual life drawing research over the past year, is open for viewing until Sunday 17th December.
With such a large grouping, a sample of the works available is provided for reference.  There are still more waiting for your viewing in the gallery. 
The artists are: Jane ROBINSON, Rachel MILNE, Denise JOHNS, Stella KERR, Anthony LUCK, Jim WOODBURY, Tim MESSITER, Carole MARSHALL, Santa PEETA, Lee JORDAN, Sharyn STREET, Richard KEARNEY, Karen MA, Jon WILKS, Pamela IRELAND, Melody JONES, Allen LITTLEWOOD, Carole GANT, Bruce YAXLEY, Judy HILL, Steve BERRY, Chris CLIFFTON, Camille, Peter LANKAS, Kate THYNNE, Maree BUCHANAN, John LANGLEY, Malcolm SANDS, Hide KOBAYASHI, Jason SAR, Cathie SAWYER, Gerard MAYBURY

Open today Sunday from 12 noon to 5pm.

Gallery Hours

Thursday to Sunday 12 noon to 5pm.

[1] Strictly Academic 1974 p. 6-9.

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